NPI Inc. (the US based manufacturer of RAM Mounts) maintains a ‘Lifetime Warranty’ policy on most RAM Mount components. As an authorised distributor, Smart Mounts can lodge a warranty claim to NPI on the behalf of our customers, and will do so at the reasonable request of our customers where the warranty claim is for a component purchased from us. Where a warranty claim is approved by NPI, we will replace the approved components(s) from our stock if these are available so you don’t have to wait for them to ship from the States. If components are not in stock, we can often arrange for your claim to be sent with our regular orders made to NPI Inc. removing additional shipping fees. Alternatively you may be charged a shipping charge by NPI Inc – we will arrange this with you if required.

The manufacturer’s warranty is defined at

We offer no additional warranty to this, outside of our statutory obligations including those defined in the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act. Where goods are purchased for commercial or business use the Consumer Guarantees Act will not apply.