SENA 50R Dual Pack – Premium Helmet Intercom Units designed for Adventure

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SENA’s 50R is a premium, low-profile motorcycle headset with new, advanced technology. The upgraded Mesh 2.0 Intercom gives riders a communication network with strong, reliable connections and can be used in private or public (open) Mesh Intercom modes.

Bluetooth 5 connectivity allows you to listen to music, GPS directions, and take phone calls. The 50R features upgraded, redesigned HD Speakers designed for physical comfort and high quality audio performance. You’ll notice a marked boost in volume, bass, and clarity vs previous headsets. Control the device’s functions with multi-language voice commands or through easy to find buttons.

This is a “DUAL Pack” and contains everythign you need to fit out two helmets.

The main difference between the SENA 50R and 50S is that the 50R is controlled with buttons, while the 50S has a job dial.

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