RAM Stem Mount with Radar Detector Holder – RAM-B-176U + RAP-300-1U

$139.00 incl. GST

This radar detector mounting system is a combination of standard RAM Mount products – the RAM-B-176U motorcycle stem mount kit, and the RAP-300-1U magnetic power plate. Together these create a low profile mounting system that is perfect for mounting your radar detector to your bike.

The strong magnetic Power Plate not only keeps your radar detector securely fastened to the mount, but also makes it quick and easy to remove it and take it with you when you stop for a break. What’s more, the modulr nature of the RAM Mount means you can remove the mounting system easily when you don’t need it.

Our experience and our customers’ reviews have fed back to us that this system works very well with common radar detectors including the Adaptiv TPX and Valentine One units. The stem mount is probably our most popular mounting base for sports bikes.


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RAM Stem Mount with Radar Detector Plate for motorcycles