RAM Seat Tough-Wedge Mount with X-Grip Phone Holder – RAP-B-407-UN7U

$248.00 incl. GST

The RAP-B-407-UN7U consists of the Tough-Wedge vehicle seat wedge base, composite double socket arm, and X-Grip universal phone holder. This mount fits conveniently in the gap between your vehicle’s passenger seat and center console, creating a temporary but also very rugged mounting platform for your phone. The mount is designed with a RAM 1″ diameter patented rubber ball and socket system that has adjustment points at both ends of the double socket arm. With the turn of a knob you can set your phone to the perfect viewing and operating angle.

The X-Grip is compatible with handheld devices that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your handheld device with a case/sleeve/skin when determining the overall size.

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RAM Seat Tough-Wedge™ Mount with Double Socket Arm and X-Grip® Phone Holder