RAM Fork Stem Mount with Larger X-Grip Phone Cradle – RAM-B-176-A-UN10U

$166.00 incl. GST

The RAM-B-176-A-UN10U consists of a fork stem base, short double socket arm and universal X-Grip® cradle for large phones. It’s perfect to use with your iPhone Plus or other similar sized phones.

The included X-Grip cradle is probably our best selling RAM holder. It’s versatile and has a clean and clever four leg design that holds your phone securely, without hiding it behind foam pads and plastic. Couple the patented design of the X-Grip with the rubber tether (also included), and you know your phone will stick with you  and your bike for the whole ride.

RAM’s stem mount is also a particularly popular mounting base. It provides a convenient mounting point for your RAM Mount system.