RAM 2.5″ Round Magnetic Base with B-sized ball – RAM-B-202-339U

$65.00 incl. GST

A really practical and reliable solution if you need to attach to your vehicle quickly and without fuss. The RAM-B-202-339U consists of a 1″ diameter rubber ball connected to a flat 2.5″ diameter base and triple magnetic base adapter. The 2.5″ diameter base contains pre-drilled holes, including the universal AMPS hole pattern.

The magnetic base adapter contains 3 rare earth magnets that hold firm to ferrous metals. Simply put this product near the mounting surface and feel it almost jump out of your hand. The composite adapter designed to conceal the magnets is made of durable composite to prevent scratching the mounting surface. Ideally suited for many applications, you’re sure to find many ways to use your new magnetic mount at work, home, on the go, or at play.

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RAM 2.5" Round Base with the AMPs Hole Pattern, 1" Ball & Magnetic Base