LEXIN Wireless Charger for X-Grip – WCP-Qi

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The Lexin WPC-QI™ Wireless charger is a plug and play wireless charging solution designed for use with the RAM Mounts X-Grip.

Simply stick the charing unit to your X-Grip (peel off the RAM Mount sticker first if you have that on there), hook the unit up to your battery (everything needed  is included for this) and you’ve got power on the go. If your phone isn’t Qi wireless charging enabled, you can still plug it into the charger’s USB port for power.

  • 10W/DC 5V/2A output
  • IP67 water and dust resistance rating
  • Foreign body detection
  • Accessory USB port 
  • Molded and ruggedized connections ensure that the Lexin WPC-QI charger will last and provide excellent charging performance for your Qi enabled phone for ride after ride.



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Lexin Qi charger box