Cardo Packtalk Slim / JBL Communication System Single Pack

$599.00 incl. GST

This product is a single communication kit. Also available as a duo kit!

The Cardo Packtalk Slim is the world’s most advanced motorcycle communication system packed in a top quality, super-thin shell package.

Sporting Bluetooth connectivity and an industry leading “dynamic mesh technology” DMC intercom mode which allows up to 15 riders to connect in a single group call. In regular Bluetooth mode you can connect up to 5 riders. The Packtalk Slim is a premium model from Cardo and has every feature you are looking for: Voice Commands (which even respond well to the kiwi accent), A2DP Bluetooth connectivity to your phone or MP3 player, FM radio, Music Sharing and Noise Cancellation.

In 2019 Cardo has partnered with JBL to bring riders the “ultimate sound experience”. This pack comes with JBL speakers for great sound quality! If you don’t like those, the Packtalk Slim’s standard 3.5mm jack means you can just plug in your own speakers or ear-buds if you prefer.

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