What is a RAM Mount and what does it do?

A RAM Mount is a rugged, versatile mounting system that allows you to mount your gadgets almost anywhere in your vehicle – right where you need it the most. Whether in an aircraft, car, boat, ATV, truck, snowmobile, farming vehicle, motorcycle, fork lift or any other situation, RAM s interchangeable accessories offer a solution for your most challenging mounting problems.

What does a RAM Mount offer me?

RAM Mount is known around the world for their high quality mounting systems. They are made to last and designed to endure some really harsh operating conditions. RAM mounting systems offer the convenience of being modular- which allows you to mix and match parts when you need to, to create the perfect system. On top of this, the materials and patented design of the RAM Mount help protect your electronics from damage from vibration and offer customisable viewing angles. They are easy to install and are much more affordable than other custom built mounting options. We at Smart Mounts think these benefits make the RAM Mount the perfect choice for securing GPS, spotlights, drink containers, laptops, PDA s, pocket PC s, radar detectors, cameras, computers, mobile phones, speakers, mirrors, antennas – or just about anything else!

Can I change the setup of my RAM Mount?

All RAM components are interchangeable, so if you decide to alter the configuration or application of the mount, you can simply switch any of the components of the system to suit its new application, so long as

Why should I pick a RAM Mount?

With an established and recognized patent, RAM is the only universal ball- and-socket system that can hold tremendous amounts of weight, while absorbing damaging shock and vibration for application in military, commercial and private use. The system s patented solid rubber ball and sturdy metal socket mounts have been tested by prominent international organisations such as Lowrance, Garmin, US Navy, US Army and many others. In every case, RAM has exceeded its required demands and has since been accepted and endorsed as the industry standard mounting solution.

How much weight will the RAM Mount support?

The standard mounts (“b-size”) we sell are designed to hold applications with weight of up to 5 kilograms. However, for more heavy duty uses, mounts to hold up to 7.5 kilograms are available. If you are interested, please contact us.

What is the RAM Mount made of?

To provide light weight strength and corrosion resistance, most RAM parts are made of marine grade aluminum with a powder coated finish, stainless steel hardware and rubber balls. Other parts are made from high quality composite.

Will it last?

The RAM Mount features a manufacturer s warranty which guarantees the quality and workmanship of each component for life. The mount is also constructed with highly durable and lasting materials.

What colours are available?

RAM Mounts come in black and many parts are also available in chrome (on order – please enquire).

How does the RAM Mount work?

The RAM mount system involves four components; a vehicle mount, an arm, a mounting ball, and a holder. These components are assembled by first attaching an un-intrusive vehicle mount to your vehicle, with our standard (“b-size”) systems, either a 1.75″ , 3.00″ (standard), or 5.25″ arm is attached to this, and a mount which suits your application is added to complete the system. In building your RAM system, you will need to consider where on your vehicle you intend to mount it, as well as the device that you intend to attach.

Do RAM Mounts really dampen shock and vibration and protect my electronic devices?

Yes. The patented design of RAM Mount utilizes a rubber ball and socket that greatly reduces the amount vibration that can be transmitted into electronics. No other mounting system on the market today offers this feature in a more durable, compact, and functional way.

Can I substitute parts of my RAM system for other parts?

The RAM system is modular, and any of the components can be substituted for other application mounts, application bases, arms, and vehicle bases respectively. If you have multiple bases for instance, you will be able to move your device from position to position, vehicle to vehicle in a matter of seconds.

What do I do if the part I need is not available from your online store?

If you are looking for a particular component, please contact us with a query, or feel free to browse our online store for only SOME of the many possible RAM mounting solutions. The RAM Mount catalogue is huge, so it’s hard for to maintain all these parts on our website. As NZ’s local RAM Mount distributor we keep a very wide range of components on hand – and and order anything else in if required.

Is there any other way to purchase from Smart Mounts aside from the online store?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a physical shop for you to visit. However, for alternative purchase arrangements, please contact us by email or our contact form, or contact us by phone or mail. Our details are on our contact page.